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Charity Golf Tournament Planning

Charity golf tournaments offer a winning combination of fundraising and fun. They provide opportunities to raise funds, network with new people, fellowship and extend the brand of your charity. Charity golf tournament planning can be a daunting task so we have put together a short guide to either get you started or a few strategies to enhance your current charity golf tournament.

Charity Golf Tournament Planning
100 Black Men of Metro Atlanta Charity Golf Tournament Committee

Why do people play in your charity golf tournament?

During your charity golf tournament planning you will want to ask yourself this question throughout the process. There are two answers: 1. They already have a direct relationship with you or your non-profit organization. 2. They are playing based on the relationship they have with the person that is asking them to sponsor or play in the tournament. That's it! It doesn't matter how cool your brochure is, what golf course you are playing or what celebrity is going to be attending. When you are making decisions below continue to ask yourself this question to streamline your planning.

golf tournament budget

Your first step is to create a charity golf tournament budget. Your biggest expense will be the golf course so start by inquiring about availability and golf course fees including food & beverage. Factor in player gifting, awards, insurance, signage, additional cart rentals, and miscellaneous expenses. Once you have your expenses in place, create your sponsorship levels to arrive at your desired net income goal.

Select a date & course

What is the best day to host your charity golf tournament? The easy answer is it doesn't really matter. We work with tournaments Monday through Saturday and they all have full fields. Most private clubs will only allow tournaments on their closed days, usually Monday or Tuesday. We love charity golf tournaments on Fridays. Your players can get off work easier and Fridays vibes are always better than Monday on the golf course! Your golf course selection should be based on your budget. Don't overshoot your golf course selection at a high-end private club when a semi-private club or public course will better fit your budget. Remember, "Why do people play in your golf tournament?"

sponsorship levels

Go big or go home! We like tournaments that have big presenting sponsorship opportunities. You will never get a $10,000 or $25,000 sponsor if you don't ask for it. Large sponsorship levels gives your tournament immediate credibility with prospective sponsors. Start at the top and work your way down to your team fee. Your team fee should fit your target market for your prospective teams and generate revenue at the same time. Once your budget is complete, determine your per player cost and this will help set your team fee. Check out additional sponsorship strategies at our other blog post HERE.

sponsorship team

This group of people will be the lifeblood of your tournament. Focus on recruiting individuals that are business owners, in the construction business or medical field. You are looking for people that have leverage on other people (vendors or sub-contractors) and have never asked them to support a worthy cause. You are looking for successful people that can open their network to your organization. Keep track of the team members sales and go over the results following your tournament. Replace team members that did not participate with stronger people each year and watch your tournament grow.

educate your players

Many charity golf tournaments are so focus on fundraising they forget to educate everyone attending the tournament. We estimate around 50% of the people attending your golf tournament do not have a direct relationship with your organization. They are a guests of the people you do have a direct relationship with. Add "Did You Know" facts throughout your tournament (golf cart placards, table toppers, hole sponsor signs, leaderboards) that educate your players and sponsors about your mission. You never know who is playing, it could be your next presenting sponsor!

Charity Golf Tournament Planning
100 Black Men of Metro Atlanta "Did You Know" Fact on Leaderboard

golf course walk through

Schedule a walk through with the golf course staff including the head golf professional, food & beverage director and course superintendent. Start your walk through at the beginning of your tournament day: where do the players drop their bag, where will registration be, do you need a volunteer in the clubhouse directing players so they don't get lost, where are the golf carts staged, welcome announcements, and post tournament activities? Meet with the superintendent to talk about course set up and pace of play. Check out additional pace of play strategies at our other blog post HERE.

tournament day

It's game day and your time to shine! Make sure you have plenty of volunteers to manage your registration table. The first impression of your golf tournament will be the registration table. By over staffing the registration table you ensure a quick process with no long lines. Communication is key and renting two-way radios for your volunteers and staff is a good investment on a large golf property. Hiring an additional staff member from the golf course to marshal the pace of play will increase the experience level for everyone. Keep your awards ceremony short by pre-pulling raffle prizes so your players have time to network and fellowship following your tournament.

charity golf tournament planning

Planning a charity golf tournament requires meticulous preparation and dedication, but the rewards are worth it. Not only can you raise significant funds for a worthy cause, but you can also foster a sense of community and camaraderie among your players and sponsors. So, tee it up and swing into action to make a positive impact while enjoying a day on the greens!

We would love to learn about your tournament and schedule a free consultation to inspire you to produce an extraordinary charity golf tournament that exceeds your fundraising goals so you can change people's lives!

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