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We started the Special Operations Care Fund to make an impact on the lives of US SOCOM Special Operators and their families. Healing minds, bodies, and families is our purpose, and we have a strategy laid out investing in different programs and modalities to achieve our objectives.


Every dollar spent on something other than programming, was and is, scrutinized as it was not going to our primary goal. We ran the organization as an all volunteer organization for many years as we grew, and scaled the organization. Managing events while delivering an exceptional user experience, generally helps you to raise more money. However, having volunteers helping at events often means you have people performing tasks that are not central to their abilities. 


We first hired Magnolia for a "once in a decade event" for our best supporters, where the leadership needed to be engaged with supporters, not performing tasks. This test-run helped us to understand that the leadership of the organization was better suited connecting with our supporters, rather than managing room assignments, dietary needs, handling scheduling snafus, and having to deal with hundreds of other small decisions over the course of an event. 


Magnolia's team of dedicated professionals does just that; they focus on executing events at a high-level, and we leadership are able to engage people, deliver a great experience, and ultimately raise more capital resources. More resources allows us to fund more treatments and programming; which helps us make a larger impact on the community that we choose to support. 


Hiring Magnolia has been one of the best decisions we made, to be an integral part of our growth and impact on the Special Operations Forces (SOF) Community.


David Kramer - Co-Founder - SOC-F

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