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Unique Sponsorship Ideas for Charity Golf Tournaments

Hosting a charity golf tournament is an amazing way to raise funds for a charity but also an opportunity to engage sponsors in meaningful ways.  While traditional gold, silver, bronze sponsorship packages often include signage and mentions during the tournament, implementing unique sponsorship ideas for charity golf tournaments will create memorable experiences and attract a wider range of sponsors.

the hazard sponsor

No one wants to be in the sand trap, water or out-of-bounds while playing golf.  Everyone is looking for them to avoid.  This creates a unique sponsorship opportunity by strategically placing creative signage close to the hazards throughout the golf course.  Have some fun with your signage, for example: “Your trip to the beach is sponsored by” or “The lake that just swallowed your golf ball is sponsored by”. 

Unique sponsorship ideas for charity golf tournaments

The Beach sponsorship

If the golf course allows it, the beach sponsor will be the talk of your tournament.  Pick a sand trap that is not in play so your sponsor can safely set up an activation.  They can bring beach chairs, umbrellas, margaritas, and music playing their favorite Buffet songs.  Each team can spend a few minutes with the sponsor “on the beach” during the tournament.

the weather sponsor

This is a tongue-in-cheek sponsorship level that creates fun for your sponsor no matter what the weather conditions are at your tournament.  Create signage for your sponsor as the weather sponsor and display at registration, on the course and at the awards ceremony.  Allow your sponsor the opportunity to address the players during the welcome announcements and the awards ceremony as they are responsible for the rainy day or beautiful sunshine.

unique sponsorship ideas for charity golf tournaments

the cart path sponsor

The cart path sponsor gives your sponsor the opportunity to tell their company story throughout the entire tournament.  Large outdoor 2’ x 4’ stickers are placed strategically on the cart path allowing the sponsor to tell their story with different messages on each sticker.  This unique sponsorship is an eye catcher for all golfers during the tournament as they drive over each sticker.

Unique sponsorship ideas for charity golf tournaments

YETI Player Gift Sponsor

Custom YETI's continue to be one of the strongest player gift options for charity golf tournaments. Even if your players have a few YETI's at home, they will not throw-away a YETI which promises to extend your brand and your sponsor's brand. Co-brand your charity logo with your sponsor's logo on a variety of YETI products for your player gift. Offer your sponsor an activation table at registration to help distribute the custom YETI's and meet all the players.

Unique sponsorships ideas for charity golf tournaments

logo ball contest sponsor

This is a creative twist to a sponsorship level by incorporating a contest within your tournament that will engage your sponsor all day. Each foursome is given a golf ball with your sponsor's logo on the ball. The logo ball is rotated between players at each hole. After each hole, the score of the golfer with the logo ball is recorded. Any team that loses the ball is eliminated. The winner is decided by the team with the lowest score after turning in their logo ball following the tournament. Offer your sponsor the opportunity to address your player at your awards ceremony and hand out the award to the winning team!

Unique sponsorship ideas for charity golf tournaments

Innovative sponsorship levels are essential for maximizing fundraising potential and creating memorable experiences at charity golf tournaments. By offering unique opportunities for sponsors to engage with participants and showcase their brand, you can elevate your tournament while strengthen relationships with your sponsors.

We would love to learn more about your tournament and schedule a free consultation to inspire you to produce an extraordinary charity golf tournament that exceeds your fundraising goals so you can change people's lives!

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