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Preparing for the Storm: Your Essential Rain Plan for a Successful Charity Golf Tournament

We are frequently asked, "What do we do if it rains at our tournament?" Unpredictable weather can throw a curveball into even the most meticulously planned events and that is why having a rain plan for your charity golf tournament is crucial to ensure the success, regardless of what Mother Nature has in store.

Rain plan for charity golf tournament.
Tennessee Kidney Foundation Charity Golf Invitational

golf course preparation

Discuss your tournament rain plan with the golf course staff during your walk through. Ensure the golf course has covered areas for registration, dining, and the awards ceremony. If the weather is bad in the morning, will they allow your tournament to delay the shotgun start to avoid the rain? If it is a 100% rain out, ask if they will give a rain check to each golfer to come back later to play?


During the registration process you should be collecting email addresses from all registered players. You should be sending a "Know Before You Go" email to your players and sponsors a few days prior to the tournament with all the tournament details. Make sure to include a weather forecast for tournament day so your players are prepared, and they know your tournament is a Rain or Shine event.

tournament day

Back to the question we often get asked, "What do we do if it rains?" Our normal answer is, "We get wet!" If your players are prepared, they can play through a few rain showers on tournament day. Everyone will understand if you must start late or finish early due to bad weather. Your goal should be to finish your tournament, even if your tournament turns into a 9-hole tournament because of the rain.

should we reschedule?

Our experience has shown it is very difficult to reschedule your tournament due to a rainout. Rebooked tournaments or Rain Date tournaments tend to have much lower participation due to scheduling conflicts. Make sure all your communication (brochure, website, social media, and emails) shows your tournament is a "Rain or Shine" tournament. The tournament day atmosphere and energy are much lower with half the people participating.

100% rainout - what do we do?

All your golfers have arrived, and the course has determined you cannot play due to poor course conditions or lightning. With a good plan you can still host a great event without rescheduling your tournament. Here are a few ideas...

  • Open the bar and start the party early!

  • Sell your raffle tickets or open your auction early.

  • Create an indoor putting contest.

  • Create an indoor long drive contest with oversized marshmallows.

  • Bring a few cornhole boards and have a cornhole tournament.

  • Have a presentation ready to educate your golfers and sponsors about your mission.

  • Give your sponsors a table to meet and greet the players.

  • Give each golfer a rain check to come back to play the course in the future.


While we can't control the weather, we can certainly control how we prepare and respond to it. A well-thought-out rain plan is the key to ensuring the success of your charity golf tournament, come rain or shine. By communicating effectively, selecting an adaptable venue, and having contingency plans in place, you'll be equipped to handle whatever weather challenges may arise, allowing your event to make a positive impact on your cause, regardless of the forecast.

We would love to learn about your tournament and schedule a free consultation to inspire you to produce an extraordinary charity golf tournament that exceeds your fundraising goals so you can change people's lives!

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