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LED Screen Rental for Tailgate Party

There's nothing quite like the excitement of an outdoor tailgate party and watching the games on a large led screen. Friends, food, and the thrill of competition come together to create unforgettable memories. Magnolia Displays can elevate your festival, outdoor corporate outing, neighborhood party or charity fundraising event with an outdoor led screen rental for tailgates. We offer a turnkey solution for your LED Screen Rental for Tailgate Party with one simple rental fee. Check out the most frequently asked questions.

LED Screen Rental for Tailgate Party Nashville Atlanta
LED Screen at the Duluth Fall Festival Tailgate Central


Your mobile LED Screen rental comes with the following: 7' x 12' LED Screen mounted on a trailer, speakers for sound, power, data feeds, microphone for announcements, graphic design for sponsor recognition and Magnolia operator for set up, operations during event and complete breakdown.

how do we display the game?

Magnolia offers four options to display a live sporting event on the led screen.

  1. Dedicated Internet Feed: If your event has a dedicated wired internet feed, this is the best option to avoid any buffering during the game.

  2. Internet Stream: We bring a dedicated hotspot for internet access to stream the game. Depending on size of event and location we may experience buffering.

  3. Dish Tailgater Satellite: For remote locations we use one of our satellites to stream the game. Please note bad weather may disrupt the signal along with hosting events with large buildings close by.

  4. Over-The-Air-Antenna: For games on local stations (ABC, NBC, CBS) we use one of our over-the-air-antennas. These provide a very reliable feed.

what is the best location?

We will need vehicle access to your event location to drop the trailer and set up. Once on site it takes less than one hour for our screens to be operational. Our screens raise on a hydraulic lift with a maximum height of 8' from the bottom of the screen to the ground. The screens also rotate 360 degrees in order to provide the optimum viewing experience for your guests. The viewing distant is about 100 yards. You will need plenty of open space so your guests are not sitting too close to the screen.

How is the screen powered?

Magnolia brings a dedicated Honda EU 7500 watt generator to power the led screen and computer equipment for operations. The Honda EU 7500 generator is rated at 60dB. What does that mean? It means you will not hear generator during your event. A 60dB rating is the volume of common speech.

can we recognize sponsors during the event?

Absolutely! Prior to the start of the game we will create a slide show loop that will recognize all of your sponsors in full color on the led screen. We can also display sponsor commercials with sound. During the game we can flip to your sponsor slide show at some of the commercial breaks.

what type of event can we stream?

The simple answer is anything we can access via the internet, satellite or antenna. We have hosted watch parties for NCAA college football games, NFL games, World Cup soccer matches, The Masters, Wimbledon, MLB World Series games, NCAA Final Four and much more.

What about weather?

No need to worry about a rain shower coming through your event. The LED Screens work fine during the rain with no interruption.

LED screen rental for tailgate party

An Outdoor LED Screen Rental For Tailgates is a winning combination. It transforms your gathering into a memorable event that combines the thrill of live sports with the camaraderie of a great party. So, gather your friends, fire up the grill, and get ready to cheer on your team in style. With an LED screen, your tailgate party will be the talk of the season! Contact Magnolia today to create an extraordinary tailgate experience!

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