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How do you maximize your golf tournament signage?

Updated: Jul 29, 2023

You work hard to secure your tournament sponsors and we have seen many tournaments jeopardize that support because they make critical mistakes with their tournament signage. Let's look at the proper way to recognize your sponsors and some new signage techniques that will wow them...

Charity Golf Tournament Tips Signs

Focus on the Logos

Company logos are like somebody's name. How do you feel when you see your name misspelled? Do you feel disrespected? This is the same feeling when one of your sponsors sees their logo in the wrong color or out of focus. Make sure to proof every sign and/or logo with each sponsor to ensure it's accuracy. Request .ai or .eps logo files from your sponsors to make sure their logos are perfect on tournament day.


The correct presentation of your signage from pin flags to hole sponsor signs give your tournament a professional appearance that your sponsors will appreciate. When setting up your hole sponsor signs make sure they are all consistent, in the same position on each tee box and firmly in the ground. During the tournament take a few laps around the course to check on your signage and fix any fallen signs. Focus on clean lines for a professional presentation - unlike the banner below!

Charity Golf Tournament Signage

How many times does the sponsor see their logo?

It doesn't matter how many people see the sponsor's signs. What matters is how many times the sponsor see their own sign and logo. Maximize your charity golf tournament signage by placing your hole signs around the entrance of the clubhouse during registration. About 30 minutes before shotgun move your signs to the tee boxes with trained volunteers. Immediately following the tournament pick up your signs and place them outside the clubhouse as your players and sponsors exit. The more times your sponsors see their logo - the happier they are!

Charity Golf Tournament Signs Leaderboard

Signage = New Sponsor Opportunities

Get creative with your signage at your next tournament. Create new sponsorship levels such as the Pin Flag Sponsor, Cart Path Sponsor, Hazard Sponsor or Driving Range Sponsor with innovative signage that will make impact on your players and sponsors. We believe the more signage you have at your charity golf tournament the better. See additional pictures our golf tournament signage on the Golf Signage page.

Charity Golf Tournament Signage Ideas

maximize your golf tournament signage

Do you have more questions or want to learn how Magnolia has helped hundreds of charity golf tournament exceed their fundraising goals while creating an extraordinary experience? Contact us today for a free consultation.

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