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5 Steps To Rent An Outdoor LED Screen

When it comes to outdoor events, one key factor often sets apart a memorable occasion from a forgettable one: visuals. Whether it's a concert, a festival, a corporate gathering, or a community celebration, the visual experience plays a pivotal role in engaging audiences and leaving a lasting impression. Renting an outdoor LED screen will accomplish the visual experience you are searching for and it only takes 5 easy steps!

Outdoor LED Screen Rental Near Me

1. agreement

A signed rental agreement and a small deposit to secure your event date on the Magnolia calendar.  The agreement includes agreed upon rental rates, how you want to utilize the LED screen at your event, responsibilities of each party, travel, confirmation of event set up, official start time and break down process.

2. sponsorship consulting

Magnolia’s LED Screens will become the strategic tool to drive your event sponsorship sales.  Magnolia has developed proven fundraising models that will help your event exceed fundraising goals while providing a creative way to recognize your sponsors to keep them coming back each year.

3. walk-through

Determining the perfect location for your LED screen is vital to the success of your event.  During the walk-through we will confirm load in process, location, schedule, how you want to utilize the LED screen and break-down process. Our screens have a footprint of a normal parking space that hydraulically lifts with the bottom of the led screen 8' from the ground.  The screen rotates 360 degrees creating a pleasing visual presentation and easy set up.

4. design & programing

Magnolia’s team of graphic designers will ensure your brand and sponsor logos are printed perfectly on the static panels and displayed on the full color LED screen.  The 7' tall side panels and 12' wide top panel print job are included in the rental fee with unlimited proofing for an exceptional presentation. Our programmers will create slides (sponsor logos, text messages, videos, etc.) to be displayed on the LED screen and confirm the run-of-show with your staff.

5. Event day

It’s show time and Magnolia will be with you from start to the finish.  We arrive with plenty of time for testing and a Magnolia operator will be on site throughout your event.  Magnolia provides a generator, dedicated wifi, speakers, and microphone with each led display rental. The LED screen can be updated or changed in real time for any last minute messages that need to displayed during your event. Visit Magnolia Displays to see more event day photos.

5 steps to rent an outdoor led screen

Whether you're planning a festival, a outdoor concert, a corporate event, a live tailgate, a outdoor movie or a community gathering, incorporating LED screens into your event setup is sure to elevate the experience and leave a lasting impression on attendees for years to come. At Magnolia we keep things simple! We have one simple rental fee that includes everything you will need and five simple steps to ensure your organization has a great experience.

We would love to learn more about your next event and schedule a free consultation to inspire you to produce an extraordinary event that exceeds your fundraising goals so you can change people's lives!

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