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10 mobile outdoor LED screen content ideas for your event!

Updated: Jul 29, 2023

Outdoor mobile LED screens offer a fantastic opportunity to engage and captivate audiences with visually striking content. Here are our Top 10 great content ideas to engage and inform your guests and sponsors at your next outdoor event.

1. Pre-recorded video with sound

Using short videos on the led screen will attract attention and engagement with live schedule of events, brand awareness, weather updates and directions.

Mobile LED Screen Rental Roswell Alpharetta Nashville
City of Woodstock Trail Fest - Pre-Recorded Video

2. Did you know facts

You have a great opportunity to educate your patrons about your organization with short, bullet-point facts that will scroll on the LED screen throughout your event.

Mobile Outdoor LED Screen Rental Atlanta Nashville
WICT Atlanta Charity Golf Tournament - Did You Know Facts

3. Sponsor Logos

Increase your sponsorship revenue by showcasing all your sponsor logos on the led screen throughout your event. This adds immediate value to all your sponsorship levels by offering this benefit.

Mobile Outdoor LED Screen Rental Greenville, SC
Curing Kids Cancer Fire Truck Pull, Greenville, SC - Sponsor Logos

4. Sponsor Commercials

Offer additional advertising opportunities to your top sponsors by playing their commercials with sound during your event.

Outdoor Mobile LED Screen Rental Georgia Tennessee South Carolina
Atlanta Humane Society 10K, Atlanta, GA - Sponsor Commercial

5. movies

Add an outdoor movie or tv show to your next event. This is a great children's activity within your festival and awesome sponsorship opportunity. Visit Magnolia Displays Movies to see more pictures.

Outdoor LED Screen Rental Atlanta Nashville Movie Night
City of Suwanee, GA - Movie Under the Stars

6. Live tv sporting events

Do you see the attendance drop during your fall events on Saturday afternoon because of college football? Bring the big game to your next festival. This creates a great "Tailgate Sponsorship" opportunity. Visit Magnolia Displays Watch Party to see more pictures.

Outdoor Mobile LED Screen Rental Atlanta Nashville Stream College Football
Lionheart Grilling & Gridiron, Alpharetta, GA - Live College Football

7. live camera feeds

Stream your on stage events to the LED screen so all of your patrons can enjoy the entertainment. Turn the camera to the crowd for a great guest experience when they see themselves on the big screen!

Outdoor Mobile LED Screen Rental Live Camera Feed Atlanta Nashville
Emory University Ted Talk, Atlanta, GA - Live Camera Feed

8. Live social Media feeds

Stream social media feeds from relevant accounts or event hashtags to foster community engagement during your event.

Outdoor Mobile LED Screen Rental Atlanta Nashville Social Media Feeds Post
Peachtree Road Race , Atlanta, GA - Finish Line Social Media Feeds

9. donation tracker

Create excitement while watching your donations and sponsorship revenue rise in full time on the LED Screen.

Outdoor LED Screen Mobile Rental Nashville Atlanta
Shepherd Center Cup Golf Tournament - Donation Tracker

10. video Games

Add a gaming section to your next outdoor event and let your guests play their favorite video game on the 7' x 12' LED Screen. This is another amazing sponsorship opportunity!

Mobile Outdoor LED Screen Rental Nashville Atlanta Video Games
City of Duluth Gaming on the Green - Live Video Games

outdoor led screen content ideas

Remember, the key to successful outdoor mobile LED screen content ideas are to keep it visually captivating, relevant to the audience, and updated regularly to maintain interest and engagement. Want to learn more about how Magnolia can help you create an extraordinary experience at your next outdoor event? Reach out today to schedule a free consultation.

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