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Virtual Sponsorships: the New Reality (For Now)

Creating an event sponsorship package and finding event sponsors is a key part of meeting and event planning. Increasing your sponsorship dollars is the quickest way to impact your bottom line. But, how does sponsorship change in light of our “new normal”? By going virtual!

What you’re able to offer sponsors for in-person, virtual, and hybrid events are not that different; only the medium changes. As you begin to create your virtual event sponsorship packages, consider what you would offer sponsors at an in-person event and if those options still work. Event technology options, such as a mobile event app, will still allow you to offer sponsors value for their investment which, after all, is the bottom line.

5 Virtual Sponsorship Ideas

1. Utilize Virtual Environments: Virtual environments can be expensive, but they provide sponsorship opportunities that are more in line with what you are used to offering at in-person events. These environments create a video game-like computer-generated place for your attendees to “walk” around and interact.

2. Logo Placement on Home Screen: Sponsors want attendee attention. While you can’t have a giant banner with a sponsor’s logo at a virtual event, take advantage of event technology. Some virtual events have home screens that allow flipping through sponsors on the home screen. This increases brand awareness and can be tracked by site traffic and click rates.

3. Sponsored Sessions: There is prime real estate available during live or on-demand sessions. Have sponsors contribute content or choose a session to be associated with. You can include their logo at the bottom of the screen, have the speaker announce the sponsor name at the beginning and end, or have a sponsor ad play at the start of the session.

4. E-mail Marketing to Push Out Content: Allow sponsors an email that’s sent to all or a specific segment of attendees to share content or a message about the sponsor. Email marketing provides sponsors with a direct link to attendees and could be a vehicle to set up appointments or information about an upcoming webinar. 

5. Branded Swag: Swag is the gift that keeps on giving. The better, more useful piece of swag, the more attendees will use it. Sponsors will get their logo out in the world via a notebook or mug, reminding attendees about their company with each use.

Magnolia partners with non-profit organizations and corporate groups to accomplish two goals: to maximize fundraising and maximize the event experience for all involved — from the attendees to the sponsors. For more information, give us a call today.

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