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How to Host an Amazing & Safe Post-Quarantine Event: Exploring New Event Planning Options (vol. I)

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

The Event Safety Alliance (ESA) recently published the Event Safety Alliance Reopening Guide for event professionals to refer to and learn from as the world looks to safely reopen during the COVID-19 pandemic. This guide does not proclaim to be a “best practices” guide but rather a “collective work” compiled by event industry professionals.

The majority of these suggestions are scalable and can be customized to provide safety tips for all event sizes, locations, and types. Your business should follow all guidelines set in place by the government, but also note that a government allowing you to do business does not mean you are required to reopen until your business can abide by the health guidelines to ensure your services are being provided healthily and safely.

We decided to breakdown important elements of this safety guide and share them with you as you and your teams look ahead into rescheduling and planning future events. Throughout the next few weeks, we will be sharing information to help you gain confidence as you decide to reopen your venue, to reschedule your events, and how to take necessary steps to come back stronger and safer than ever! This week's post examines the initial stages of reopening like reworking contracts to incorporate new health requirements, exploring venue alternatives for your patrons and employees to maintain social distancing guidelines, and recommending a staff member is appointed as health safety coordinators to oversee new safety plans.

According to the ESA’s Reopening Guide, when planning to reopen and reschedule, make sure you pay close attention to your city and state laws surrounding the new reopening requirements. Make sure your venue has reasonable space available if the weather becomes an issue and event guests need to take shelter while remaining socially distant. If your event’s original venue can’t provide open spaces for attendees to safely stay socially distant, then it might be time to look into new venues for the foreseeable future.

Some companies are reworking their contracts to protect their employees as well as ensuring they will provide their customers with the best sanitary practices as they can. Your company should consult your attorneys before reopening and hosting events again. You’ll want to know the laws and have your company protected in the instance that someone claims they got sick attending your event. Also, it’s important to keep a cleaning log in order to provide documentation when sanitation supplies are restocked and when areas are sanitized. This keeps you and your event staff safe in the event of a health inspection.

The reopening guide suggests that companies designate someone as an “Infection Mitigation Coordinator” to implement and execute a new health safety plan. This reopening period is an excellent time to remind employees of both new and existing health protocols. Meetings and training sessions led by the Infection Mitigation Coordinator will protect and equip your employees to feel best prepared to reopen again.

Volume II of our reopening blog series addresses the "new normal" and begins to answer questions like, "What does the event industry look like moving forward?" Or, "What precautions are must-haves?" The next blog will be published soon, so check back for updates!

Here at the Magnolia Group, we are ensuring that our clients will experience their event in a safe and healthy environment as we are coming up with creative ways for people to stay connected and socially distant. Drive-in movie nights, graduations, or church services are a few of the events hosted recently by Magnolia Displays. Your guests arrive and stay in their cars, and our team handles the rest!

For more details or to read the Reopening Guide, visit the Event Safety Alliance's website.

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