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The Full Package: Rental Costs and Uses for an LED Screen at My Event

Now more than ever people are looking for ways to gather as a community during these

unexpected times of social distancing. Magnolia Displays has put together a complete

package to turn your outdoor event into a drive-in while staying safely six feet apart at

movies, graduation ceremonies, church services, neighborhood gatherings, and live watch parties.

An LED screen rental package cost begins around $2,500 and the rental package

includes one of Magnolia’s mobile 7' x 12' LED screen, outside speakers, a wireless

microphone, an FM transmitter for sound inside vehicles, power, and one of our trained

technicians to operate your LED screen. These packages can be customized to your

event’s specific needs. Our technicians remain on-site throughout your event to ensure

everything is running according to how you’d like.

The Magnolia Displays team is more than happy to travel for your event. Since the

COVID-19 pandemic, our mobile LED boards have traveled to Mississippi, Alabama,

Louisiana, and all over Georgia.

Are you looking to continue your annual festival or special event in a post-quarantine

world? Our LED screens can do just that! The boards can display a real-time schedule

of events and special messages throughout your event, and since our LED screens only

need about the size of one parking space, we can come to you no matter where you’re

hosting this year’s event!

Magnolia Display’s LED leaderboards can be easily customized to display your

company and sponsor information. Educate your patrons by displaying “Did You Know”

facts about your organization. The screen is also the perfect place to remind your

patrons of the required safety measures taking place at your outdoor event.

With the latest in outdoor LED technology from Magnolia Displays, you don’t have to

wait until the sun goes down to start your movie. If you’re interested in bringing a movie

to your neighborhood, we provide the complete package including sound, movie

licensing, and wireless microphone for announcements. This would even be a great way

for your church to fellowship for a family movie night.

For additional information, give us a call at (404) 456-9309 today to discuss your LED screen