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How to Host an Amazing & Safe Post-Quarantine Event: The “New Normal” in Safety (vol. II)

After weeks of canceled plans, minimal social interaction (maybe your only social interaction all week has been with the Grub Hub delivery guy), and enough Netflix to last you a lifetime, the word “reopening” sounds scary but also exciting. The “new normal” is coming and as event planners, we must be prepared with new safety guidelines and a willingness to get creative in our planning.

This week we are discussing ways to get innovative in your event planning and equipping you with new guidelines that can be helpful as you reopen your venues. New event safety precautions will help event attendees who may feel anxious about the reopening of the world to come back out in the public. Regulations such as requiring attendees to wear a mask, stay six feet apart, or even temperature checks at registration will help put people at ease when they’re considering attending your event or visiting your business.

The Event Safety Alliance’s Reopening Guide makes an interesting comparison between this post-quarantine reopening period and the months after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Similarly to how the world eventually understood increased airport security measures following 9/11/2001, people will begin to understand that new health requirements are in place for their safety. As you are implementing new rules for your events, be sure to clearly communicate, better yet, over-communicate, to future participants of the new policies.

If your event requires masks or temperature checks, be sure to post those in a positive and proactive tone and as frequently as possible. Remember to share this information on your website, social media accounts, ticket purchasing sites, and email blasts to make your patrons well aware of your new rules. Proper signage at your events will also protect not only the event attendees but also your business. Here at the Magnolia Group, we would be happy to provide signage for your next socially distanced event.

Right now, we all are in a stage of regaining event interest and consumer buy-in all over again. By building trust and calming anxieties before the event begins, you’ll see a more successful reopening. Some great ways to gain buy-in before your guests visit your event or business would be showing them “behind the scenes” prep work that your employees are doing in preparation for reopening. Show how your venue is being sanitized or the safety measures being taken during load-in and setup. Sanitizing high-touch areas and/or limiting contact with these areas is a crucial component to guest safety. These areas include point of sale terminals, trash receptacles, telephones, handrails along staircases, restrooms, and dressing rooms to name a few.

Another great idea from the ESA Reopening Guide is to provide social media photos and videos of what your event attendees can expect when they do come back. One idea is to share photos of people having fun at your venue from a distance. Whether this is a tailgate movie night or golfing on the golf course, social distancing is possible and we are responsible for providing the world with ways to reconnect with each other once again.

Do your events typically consist of general admission tickets and open-concept eating options? Surely you are wondering how food court style dining options will change moving forward, or you’re brainstorming how to make general admission concerts survive social distancing rules. Stay tuned for volume three of the Magnolia Group’s tips to reopening and hosting safe post-quarantine events.