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How to Host an Amazing & Safe Post-Quarantine Event: Hosting General Admission Events (vol. III)

In a world where everyone is seeking ways to stay connected, as event planners we have the pleasure of creating moments for people to do just that!

This week’s post highlights general admission events and dining options at socially distant events. Is food court style eating a thing of the past? Are you ever camping out early before a general admission concert to get the best seats? The Event Safety Alliance’s Reopening Guide discusses new approaches to hosting these types of events.

General admission events will now require much more structure. Event hosts can’t just allow organized chaos like before. This is a chance to get creative in your event planning. Be clear in your signage and provide guests with guides to follow 6 feet of distance among them. New requirements to keep people distant include stanchions to guide event attendees through lines while keeping proper distance or providing handwashing or hand sanitizing stations. If these stations are provided, you should have a team member regularly checking the supply levels.

Temperatures of event staff should be checked prior to the beginning of their shift. It’s also suggested that temperatures of the patrons be taken as well. If your event has an intermission, you may want to consider extending that time to give more time for socially distant movement throughout the venue.

Throughout your event, you might want to install “sneeze guards” or plastic shields in places such as ticketing booths, queue lines outside the event entrance, and also at the point of sales terminals.

Be sure that your event is still following procedures that are accommodating to all event guests including those with disabilities. For example, if an event attendee is disabled and cannot wait in long lines for the temperature checks, provide an expedited line for them in order to remain compliant with all applicable laws for persons with disabilities

It’s recommended that you increase the frequency of sanitation in areas where food service is being provided such as point of sales terminals, ordering counters, or bars. Self-service is a thing of the past and items such as utensils, condiments, beverages, and trays should be served to your event guests rather than them picking these items on their own to avoid contact with the guest. The same rules apply if your event has merchandise. These items should be exchanged in a touchless manner with all sales being final. Point of sales such as Apple Pay, Venmo, or similar credit card apps is encouraged to be used to keep payments contactless as well.

The team at the Magnolia Group is committed to your safety at any event executed by us. Golf tournaments and movie nights might look different nowadays, but the Magnolia experience will forever be at the core of our events -- create an amazing event experience for all people.

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