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Events and Meetings in a Post-COVID World

Meetings and events — they’re an integral part of businesses and organizations everywhere — used for networking, collaborating and raising money. But these gatherings have changed overnight in the unprecedented times of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Moving forward, meetings and events will require a major overhaul as we enter a “new normal.” Event planners and owners of venues will need to work together to kick start an industry that has been put on hold, with new ways to begin hosting in-person functions again. The challenge? Establishing proper health and safety protocols, social distancing arrangements, and safe food and beverage.

It will become an expected norm for venues to be equipped with thermal scanning, as this is a must-have layer of security for those willing to attend the event. Not having this capability will add an element of risk for attendees, and venues that can provide this service will put themselves ahead of the pack.

Having a sanitation policy in place is another crucial element for any venue or business looking host an event. The Federal Government’s “Opening Up America Again” guidelines list general principles applicable to all future phases of business recovery. These few are directly relevant to events:

  • Social distancing and protective equipment

  • Temperature checks and other testing

  • Isolating, and contact tracing

  • Sanitation and disinfection of common and high-traffic areas

  • Policies and procedures for workforce contact tracing following positive coronavirus tests

While municipalities, non-profit organizations and festivals are searching for solutions to their events while adhering to social distancing guidelines, Magnolia's Drive-In Events offer a creative solution for communities to gather for worship services, charity galas, concerts, movies, neighborhood gatherings, fundraisers and more. For additional information, give us a call today.

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